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For those that don’t know me.

My name is Anthony Symes, I created Second Rodeo Clothing one Sunday in March 2017 from a Regimental guard room.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I believe when buying from a brand, it’s nice to know where they started and why.  

T-shirts, well T-shirts were one of the things that I bought the most when I started making money as a teenager, that and beer for high school parties anyway, but mostly tees. I was really into streetwear, wearing brands such as Famous Stars & Straps and Hurly.

I was this kid who played the drums, and could play several different genres of music. I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks & Brooks & Dunn and although punk rock was my favourite genre, I certainly didn’t mind throwing some beats down to a country song. 

Fast forward from my drumming emo band days to the year 2011, I joined the Australian Army and became a Cavalryman in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps. I have lived and worked as a soldier in Puckapunyal, Darwin, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The mates and camaraderie that I have gained in the military is something that I could never appreciate enough or replicate anywhere else. I've had tough times, good times and great memories, all of which I was surrounded by my brothers in arms.

My wife and I have been together for nearly ten years and we have a beautiful daughter. These two people are the reason I put so much effort into everything I do.

Second Rodeo Clothing was created as a passion project to take my mind away from just knowing Army stuff. I had always wanted to build a clothing brand and I loved the thought of running a business. I have always been into country music and thought maybe I could combine these passions, so that’s exactly what I did. The reason for naming the brand Second Rodeo you ask? Well “This ain’t my first rodeo” was a saying that was thrown around a lot in the Army and I thought it was perfect for what I was creating. Some people don’t get it but I don’t think it’s cocky or arrogant, it's just a cool brand name.

My goal for Second Rodeo is to bring people together through shared interests and rad clothing designs. I aim to consistently provide quality goods with eye popping designs at a price that won’t leave you broke.

When I see people in a bar, a festival, a rodeo wearing Second Rodeo Clothing it brings a huge smile to my face. The fact that there are people out there that share this passion for cool T-shirts and caps especially ours means the absolute world to me.

I will continue to design and release the best apparel into the future, building our humble clothing brand brick by brick. 

The best is still to come.


Anthony - Second Rodeo.

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