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My Top 20 Songs To Get Through The Pandemic

My Top 20 Songs To Get Through The Pandemic

Well it's almost cliché to start a blog post this way, but Bloody Hell! It’s been a tough year all around the world.


Music is one of the things that seems to get me through any type of adversity.

Here is a list of some of my favourite songs that have been on repeat on my stereo and headphones over the last eight months.

*In no particular order:


  1. Stick that in your country song – Eric Church: Eric is my one of my favourite artists, he consistently packs a punch with well written lyrics and thumping guitars and drums. 
  2. I wish Grandpas never died – Riley Green
  3. Loud and Heavy – Cody Jinks: I was on the TikTok bandwagon earlier this year and heard this song for the first time and couldn't get enough of it.
  4. Bloody Valentine – Machine Gun Kelly
  5. Flowers on a Grave – Bush: I haven't listened to these guys in a long time, but this song is great for the gym.
  6. Wolf Totem (Feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach) – The HU: This is a powerful song that is great for any type of workout, use the brutal vocals to help push you further than your thresh hold.  
  7. A ROCK – Hardy: Hardy just nails a cool song with one simple word.
  8. 7 Summers – Morgan Wallen
  9. More than my Hometown – Morgan Wallen: Typical Morgan Wallen, just makes you want to crack a cold beer whenever I hear one of his songs.
  10. Georgia Time – Riley Green
  11. My ex’s Best Friend (with Blackbear) – Machine Gun Kelly
  12. Forget Me too (Feat. Halsey) – Machine Gun Kelly: The Tickets To My Downfall album is super dope from MGK, with travis Barker on the drums, it takes me back to the Blink 182 glory days.
  13. Won’t Let Up – Papa Roach
  14. Anger Left Behind – Atreyu
  15. When Legends Rise – Godsmack
  16. Trials – Startset
  17. Unbreakable – Of Mice & men
  18. Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder: I've always been a huge fan of Eddie Vedder, this song is off the soundtrack of feature film 'Into The Wild'.
  19. Young Man’s Blues – Parker McCollum
  20. Cold Beer calling My Name – Jameson Rodgers, Luke Combs.

 Let me know what you think,


Cheers, Anthony-SR.

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